May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Dear Friends

Welcome to our May newsletter.

As I sit and write the sun is shining brightly, the shops, galleries, auctions, Zoos and the pub and restaurant beer gardens are open and making the most of the insatiable appetite people understandably have to return to normality. Having recently sampled the delights of a local brasseries alfresco dining, it certainly feels there is a renewed optimism out there. This newfound feeling of wellbeing must be slightly tempered with less optimistic news from other countries around the globe, both Europe and India in particular, where we have numerous clients, are experiencing renewed waves of the virus, I hope that all our friends are safe and well and that the global rollout of vaccines continues to gather pace.

Last month continued as the month before had ended with a bird related item finding its way overseas to a collector, this time in the USA and courtesy of an enquiry through our 2Covet platform. This rather splendid ceramic cockerel vase was potted at the studios of the imperial artist Miyagawa Kozan at the turn of the 20th century, circa 1910. Having travelled to us initially as part of a Philadelphia based gentleman’s ceramic collection it was ironic that it was now heading back over the pond to a new Makuzu collectors home. The vase took some extreme care for me to personally pack and it travelled safely in its original tomobako (wood storage box) arriving in perfect condition to the relief of both myself and its new owner, who despite unnecessary delays due to the ineptitude of the US customs duty department, declared it as wonderful, which was music to my ears!!!!!

Nellies final journey.

Like many of you who share my passion for Japanese works of art, particularly when portrayed as wildlife of any form, you will understand my sentiments when I sold the huge Elephant Tiger group by Morimitsu for Seiya to an existing overseas client, of course I was delighted to have placed this giant beast into an amazing Japanese works of art collection, as this is what I do for a living, but equally sad to say goodbye almost certainly for the final time to a group that I had become very attached to for various reasons.

One day at a photo shoot, Emma our fantastic photographer, took an impromptu photo of our little boy Rolo sat with the group, just to give it some scale, and actually for a bit of a photo opportunity for the good looking lad. I then proceeded to sell the Elephant group as part of last year’s exhibition to a friend and client who sadly and suddenly passed away having not even taken delivery.

Prior to Christmas we were invited to tender and ended up buying the entire Japanese collection from the executors to that estate, and this huge beast was again part of my ever changing collection, but not for long it seems. I am left with great memories of my late friend, a fantastic framed photo of little Rolo anxiously wondering what was going on that day resides in pride of place in the lounge, and of course a very important overseas client now has a new okimono in their collection.

So the hunt continues for the next fantastic large scale okimono or other prized Japanese works of art, and I can certainly assure you that we will have some absolute treats in store in the coming months, the production of my second exhibition book is in the research, writing and photography stage, albeit painfully slow or so it seems, but these great items take some sourcing and apparently don’t just fall out of trees. The best things in life are worth waiting for, or so they say, and the fun for dealers is in the chase, please continue to watch this space in the coming months for news of your exclusive preview of the pdf of the exhibition book, currently scheduled for September.

Talking of September leads me nicely onto the Chelsea Antiques fair, great news that it is launched and is gathering momentum with some of the country’s finest dealers securing their preferred spaces within hours, for further continued updates please visit our new fair website at , I look forward to many of you visiting the show, please apply on the website to secure your tickets which will be released later in the summer.

Finally for this month I am delighted to exclusively offer todays live listing to my loyal readers, this beautiful cloisonne vase on stand firmly attributed to the Hayashi Kodenji studios.

Along with many of the recently listed items on this immaculate vase has arrived directly from a UK based Japanese works of art collector and would light up any Japanese themed room.

Best Wishes and please stay safe.