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  With the Summer season of shows now firmly behind us we continue in our quest to scour the globe for world class objects from the Meiji period. A recent overseas acquisition prompted me to write this short blog about the sheer brilliance of the late Edo and Meiji period metalworkers, I feel incredibly privileged  to handle and pass on the amount of high quality Japanese works of art that I am fortunate enough to own , and all to often I do not have enough time with them to fully appreciate the amazing artistry . Very occasionally certain Japanese items stop you in your tracks and leave you almost breathless , your heart racing so much that you really do need time to consider what is actually in front of you , unwrapping this Weapon (link below) was one of those rare and exhilarating moments, when you know deep inside that you have found the absolute best available, having never even dreamed of owning a


With the Winter Olympia and hugely successful N.E.C "Antiques for everyone" shows now behind us , we look forward to a brief festive break , and into what promises to be an exciting year ahead, not many could have predicted the "against all odds" events of 2016, the fairy tale story of Leicester City winning the Premier League, the shock referendum result back in the Summer, triggering the UK's looming exit from the EU , and as if that wasn't enough to keep the pundits busy we end the year with a major shock result in the US Presidential race !! Anybody seriously predicting all three of those outcomes during 2015 may have rightly been considered insane. From our business perspective the one solid prediction we can make for 2017 is that we will continue to relish the hunt for fine Japanese works of art , throughout recent years of financial uncertainty, coupled with major fashion trends in the antiques trade, the supposed death