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Over the years I have helped to discreetly build or enhance many private collections. Of course it is essential that I understand what it is that you are looking for and it is even more important that we develop a trusting business relationship. Sitting at the very core of my business ethic is the belief that a reputation is very hard to build but very easy to destroy. Many of my established customers benefit from seeing some of my newly acquired treasures before they actually appear on my website. I am happy to extend this same facility to valued customers who join the “Members only” section of this website. There is great enjoyment and excitement to be had in being offered something whilst it remains “below the horizon”!

In my experience it takes time and patience to build a fine collection. There is an old saying “nothing worth having comes easily” but is that not the fun of it? Studying the subject, developing your “eye”,taking good advice and always buying the best objects that you can from a trusted source will lead to a collection that gives untold pleasures for many years. A hastily or cheaply acquired collection is rarely a good collection. It is my firm belief that owning a few high quality objects is immeasurably preferable to an assembly of lesser items, both from an aesthetic point of view and likewise investment potential. Historically (and currently) whenever a collection of high quality Japanese Art emerges onto the market it generates great excitement and inevitably very high prices. The Tompkinson collection, the Haas collection and more recently the Wrangham collection are testament to this.

I look forward to discussing how I can help you in your quest. Please do not hesitate to contact me.


It has been my great good fortune to have purchased several excellent private collections and part collections over the years and given my obvious enthusiasm for these beautiful objects it will come as no surprise if I say that I am quite naturally extremely keen to continue this! Should you be considering disposing of any of your collection for whatever reason, be it one piece or a hundred (yes I have bought more than 100 pieces in one instance) then I would be delighted if you gave me the opportunity to discuss it with you. Again client confidentiality is totally guaranteed.

On occasions I am asked if I could consider allowing selected part exchanges on significant purchases and whilst it is not possible to say categorically “yes”, I will always endeavour to accommodate any reasonable proposition.

Product categories

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Japanese Enamels

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Japanese Shibayama

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